How to Clear a Green Pool?

Cleaning / Wednesday, March 1st, 2023

Having a green and murky pool can be an eyesore and potentially unhygienic. This is due to an imbalance of algae and chlorine in the water. Algae, when left unchecked, can rapidly grow and cloud the water, while chlorine can be depleted if the pool is not properly maintained. The combination of the two can cause an unhealthy and unpleasant environment. Fortunately, restoring your pool to its original blue-tinted glory with the right steps is possible. Here’s how:


First and foremost, assess why your pool has gone green in the first place. If excess algae or bacteria are the cause, you’ll need to shock your pool with high levels of chlorine or algaecide, depending on what is present in your pool water. To do this successfully, you’ll need a professional Las Vegas Pool Maintenance service to help identify and treat the problem.

Next, you’ll need to ensure your filtration system works properly. To do this, you should backwash the filter and check for any possible clogs or leaks in the system. It’s also a good idea to use a flocculating agent, which will help gather debris for easy removal.

Once your water has been treated and the filtration system is running smoothly, you’ll need to manually brush away any remaining algae from walls or steps. You may also want to consider emptying any excess water to prevent stagnation and further algae growth.

Finally, you’ll need to add a clarifier to your pool water and run the filtration system for 24-48 hours. This should help clear up any remaining pool debris, leaving it crystal clear. Depending on how bad the problem was, you may need to repeat this process until the desired results are achieved.

By taking these steps and enlisting the help of a professional Las Vegas pool maintenance service, you should be able to restore your pool to its original clarity.