How to Clean Wooden Furniture Safely

Cleaning / Saturday, August 10th, 2019

We all have wooden furniture in our homes, but it is surprising that how few people know the proper way to clean the wooden furniture. In fact, there is no one right way to clean your wooden furniture and it all depends on the type of the wooden furniture. Following are some safe methods to clean wooden furniture according to their types.

  1. Painted Furniture

Most painted furniture can be cleaned with utmost ease. It can be cleaned with a damp cloth or even washed with a washing liquid. Some special kind of paints might not be suitable for this type of cleaning, however.

How to Clean Wooden Furniture Safely

  1. Varnished Furniture

Clean with a damp cloth, but avoid too much water. You can also use washing liquid. After the cleaning, polish with spray polish or a chamois leather cloth.

  1. Veneer

This should be cleaned with care as it is often very delicate. If it is unsealed, only damp dust should be used. If it has a thin varnish, do not use a lot of water. Clean lightly with soapy water and sponge.

  1. Wax

It is not recommended to use detergent on wax furniture. You can use soap flakes, however. You can also buy a ready-made soapy wood cleaner for it. Do not overly wet this kind of furniture.

  1. Unsealed

Unsealed wooden furniture can be washed down with washing liquid. Do not apply any liquid directly to the wood, but dampen the clothe with the liquid and clean wooden furniture.

There are some general tips to clean wooden furniture safely. Do not leave your furniture wet. If you clean your wooden furniture with water of cleaning liquid, dry it as soon as possible. Beeswax polished should only be used on the wood that has not been lacquered. Varnished and lacquered wooden furniture can be cleaned with water, but you should use the minimum amount of water and dry it immediately.