How to Change the Address of Your Alien Registration Card in Korea

Real Estate / Thursday, June 10th, 2021

How do I report the change of residence address in South Korea? According to South Korea’s “Immigration Administration Act”, when a registered foreigner changes his or her address, he must bring his/her passport and registration card to the prospective city, county, district, or new area of ​​stay within 14 days from the date of the change. In Seoul real estate, if the new place of residence is the same as the city, county, or district of the previous place of residence, a change notification is also required. This is one of the obligations that foreigners must perform. Failure to make a declaration within 14 days from the date of relocation will result in a fine.


Therefore, when foreigners move to a new home, remember to apply for the change of address of your registration card! Let’s take a closer look at how to apply for the change of address of your registration card.


  • For foreigners whose residence address has changed.

Filing deadline: Within 14 days of the change of residence address (subjected to the day of moving).

Those obligated to declare:

  1. Names(Yourself, spouse, relatives) of resident/s.
  2. Identity Guarantor ( 신원보증인 ), etc., that keeps regulations for the application and receipt/s of stay permits, etc., to be represented when moving to a new place.

Required documents

  1.  Application (provided on-site or can be downloaded online)
  2. Alien Registration Card and valid Passport
  3. Proof of residence (lease contract)

※ Notes

– Residents Registration: Foreigners who live with their spouses in Korea should have a proof of residence ( 체류지 입증 서류 for authentication).

*If the Korean spouse changes the residence of the foreign spouse to the same address after notifying, the residence will be certified as the new residence in the copy of the residence registration of the Korean spouse.

-Lease Agreement ( 임대차 계약서 ): Lease Agreement is signed under the foreigner’s name. If it is a shared lease, the name of the person must also be included in the contract.

-Dormitory stay( 숙소 제공 확인서 ) can confirm that the application has been moved into the dormitory for foreign students, workers and so on.

-Confirmation provided by the residence (Confirmation from the provision of accommodation 숙소제공확인서 ): Confirmation from the provision of accommodation is provided by the person (domestic or foreign) providing accommodation to foreigners.

*When submitting the confirmation of accommodation provision, a copy of the registration book ( 등기부등본) in the name of the person providing the accommodation is required (in person), or a copy of the lease contract and a copy of the ID card are required.

-Refugee applicant (G-1-5), certified refugee (F-2-4) or humanitarian stay permit (G-1-6): by churches, refugee support facilities, human rights groups, and UNHCR, the confirmation letter is a document to prove the place of stay.

-Other situations such as the examination institutes: Submit documents that can confirm the foreigner’s residence in the changed address, such as receipts for accommodation expenses. If you are staying overnight, it is best to sign a contract with the landlord with his name and contact number.

Authorities that accept applications when moving to a new residence

  • The immigration office of where you will be moving.
  • The office of the city, county, district, town, or village where the new place is located.

*Generally, you can go to the local district office or the surrounding residents center to handle it.

  • Process ·Site visit
  1. Determine the working hours and location of the immigration office/district office/residence center be visited. You need to make an appointment in advance to visit the immigration office, and you must not be late. If you are unable to go, the appointment can be canceled one day in advance.
  2. Bring the required materials and certificates needed or processing.
  3. Declare according to the instructions of the staff.

*The application process is simple and can be completed quickly.


  • Online application
  1. Log on to website;
  2. Select e-request transaction guide
  3. Find “e-application” in the transaction list and fill out the information needed
  4. Select “I request a declaration” in the lower right corner and click “Apply” to enter the next page
  5. Enter the address in Korean, upload the photo of the housing contract, confirm the information, and submit;
  6. Waiting for processing, there is a “request application status” option at the top of the request transaction list, click in to view the processing progress.
  7. After the processing is completed, there will be an email reminder. After accepting, the change of login address is completed;
  8. Write the new address and move-in date on the back of the login card with a black marker. If the obligation to report the change of residence address is violated, a fine of less than 1 million won will be imposed in accordance with Article 98 (fines) of the Immigration Control Act. The specific fines are 100,000 won within 3 months and 30 for 3-6 months. 10,000 won, 6 months- 1 year 500,000 won, 1-2 years 700,000 won, 2-3 years, and above 1 million won.