9 Quick Tips to Feng Shui your Bedroom

Tips and Tricks / Monday, June 28th, 2021

The modern man lives a busy and fast-paced life that makes it difficult for him to live a peaceful and satisfying life. You might have all the modern gadgetry in your living space to help you rest and sleep but modern gadgetry does not raise living standards. The Chinese practice of Feng Shui is very useful in this regard. It is a set of practices that would help you to harmonize yourself in your living space according to your comfort.

 To achieve a perfectly balanced environment during your hours of comfort, certain items will have to be added, removed or rearranged. There are 8 basic principles of Feng Shui that will help you to create a stress-free and relaxing bedroom environment.


  • Decluttering in every part of your home 

A good place to start is by decluttering. Having a messy room may make it difficult for you to concentrate. It also makes the environment dense and stressful that can unbalance your mental energies. You can avoid this by identifying all unnecessary items and decluttering them with the feeling you wish to bring to your bedroom.

  • The layout of a bedroom is vital for good Feng Shui 

An average bedroom is dominated by a bed. So, you should follow a Feng Shui layout when it comes to your bedroom. Spot a better position for the bed according to the dynamic between the doors and windows. It must be easy to get to your bed from any direction.

  • Avoid all the screens in the bedroom

 Everyone agrees that a bedroom is a place that not only invites peace but also rejuvenates the natural energies of the body and mind. EMF pollution from electronic screens poses a threat to these natural processes.

  • Paint your bedroom muted and soothing color tones

 Your mind responds very positively to colors with a soft tone. Soft and tranquil color schemes in light skin, coral, tan, and cream tones in the bedroom create a welcoming environment and invite healing energies. Usage of light colors can make the bedroom sensual and serene according to your dreams.

  • Relocate your mirror placement

Feng Shui practitioners avoid putting mirrors in bedrooms. Mirrors tend to bind energy around the room and cause restlessness. As a result, you may experience difficulties in focusing or sleeping properly. But if the mirror is so important for you, try to hang it on the opposite wall of the bed.

  • Harmonious Artwork and Mural on the walls

Be artful and creative about the wall artwork in your sleeping room. These are enough to set your mood off, and they also symbolize loneliness. All the scenery and other pieces of art should be soothing, uplifting, and inspiring.

  • Avoid sloped ceilings over the bed area

 For the best Feng Shui experience avoid having sloped ceilings, soffits, and beams over the bed area. The architectural designs cause unnecessary pressure and create a mess. Try painting it in accordance with the color of the ceiling if it can’t be avoided.

  • Bring in the pairs of everything

The pair can promote love and compassion, as well as harmonious energy. Pairs of certain bedroom items like similar nightstands, lamps, and pillows not only create strong bonding but strengthen the relationship as well.

  • Add some meaningful accessories to nourish the five senses

Senses are the direct way to the mind. Consider certain elements that evoke and harmonize your senses and to a positive direction.

  •  Touch: It’s best to go with some soft and inviting fabric like velvet for the pillows and bedsheets.
  • Smell: Place some fragrant oils like Jasmine oil in the bedroom to create a comfortable environment.
  • Sight: Choose good colors for your walls and ceiling and have some inspiring artwork on the walls.
  •  Taste: Always have a jar of lemon water to boost your energies.
  •  Sound: It is best to have a white noise machine to get a good sleep or nap.

Health and wellbeing are at the center of Feng Shui. Mental rest is important regardless of whether you are a millionaire or a daily wager. The good thing about Feng Shui is that it does not require heavy investment. You can easily turn your bedroom into a paradise with a few small and creative changes.