Sandwich Steel Tile – Discover 3 Advantages!

Roofing / Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

Sandwich steel tiles are products made up of two sheets of galvanized steel. Among them, there is a thermal insulator — which can be made of different materials, such as polyurethane or styrofoam — capable of overcoming the limitations of sheet metal and bringing more comfort to indoor environments.

This product is recommended for homes in environments with a high index of external noise. In addition, the sandwich steel tile can also be used in the construction of sheds, making buildings more comfortable.


What are the benefits of sandwich steel tile?

Now that you understand what a sandwich steel tile is, check out the benefits of this product for classic roofing & construction!

  1. Thermal insulation

One of the main characteristics of sandwich steel tiles is their thermal insulation capacity. Thanks to the material in the middle of the metal plates, this product provides cooler indoor environments, making it impossible for external heat to impair the comfort of building users.

This property enables a thermal insulation index of up to 90%. With this, it is possible to significantly reduce energy costs to cool indoor environments, making it possible to reach the ideal temperature more conveniently and economically.

  1. Sound insulation

In addition to providing cooler environments, sandwich steel tiles are also capable of insulating outside noise and bringing superior acoustic comfort to the interior of buildings.

Its properties eliminate the noise of rain, allowing homes to have a more peaceful and relaxing environment. The insulating layer between the two steel plates prevents the entry and exit of noise inside the buildings, being a very suitable material for houses close to noisy places.

  1. Easy installation

Another extremely beneficial point in acquiring a sandwich steel tile is related to the way this material is used in the works. This product has a very practical and simple installation process.