Things to Consider When Hiring a Hardwood Flooring Company

Flooring and Kitchen / Thursday, January 27th, 2022

Choosing a hardwood flooring company can be quite complicated due to the many choices and available options. The biggest factor that takes into consideration when choosing the best hardwood flooring company is the budget.

After determining the budget, it’s time to decide if we want solid or engineered hardwood flooring.


Solid wood is a natural product from trees, while engineered wood consists of several layers, including plywood and other man-made materials. Solid hardwood usually features wider planks that can be sanded down to get a smooth finish or refinished for an updated look. Engineered hardwood comes in various styles, including floating. It’s also installed in a different way, not requiring the extra step of gluing down to plywood or another surface underneath it. Most engineered wood available comes prefinished but should last longer than solid hardwood because it usually has 60 layers or more.

Another thing that should be considered is if we want natural or stained flooring.

Natural wood usually comes unstained because it’s the natural color of the trees. It also features different grain patterns that are not covered with finish or stain, giving each plank an artistic touch that makes it unique. Natural wood is used to create rustic, traditional, and cottage styles in homes; however, it requires more maintenance than stained flooring.

Stained flooring usually looks like natural wood, but it features a protective finish that gives it a uniform color. It is recommended to choose light or medium tones so scratches can be hidden with darker stains later on.

In the same manner, choosing an unfinished hardwood flooring is also possible. In this case, the homeowner must decide on a stain or a finish and have the hardwood flooring installed in his/her preferred color.

In the case of engineered hardwood, it comes prefinished in most cases with different finishes, such as matte or high gloss shine. In addition to this, if we consider our budget sufficient, we can also add options such as matching floors in all the rooms.