Don’t Get Stuck: 5 Common Signs You Need Garage Door Repair

Garage Door / Wednesday, April 5th, 2023

Your garage door is one of the most important features of your home. Not only does it protect your vehicle and other valuables, but it also provides an additional layer of security for your family. However, like any mechanical device, garage doors are subject to wear and tear, and can eventually malfunction. Here are five common signs that you may need garage door repair services.


  1. The Door is Noisy – If you notice that your garage door is making more noise than usual, it could be a sign that something is wrong. The noise could be due to worn out rollers, hinges or springs. Regular lubrication can help reduce noise, but if it continues, it’s time to call in the experts in garage door repair in Chester.
  2. The Door Doesn’t Open or Close Smoothly – Your garage door should open and close smoothly, without any jerking or shaking. If you notice any unusual movements, it could be due to misaligned tracks, worn out springs, or damaged cables. These issues can compromise the safety of your garage door and should be addressed by a professional.
  3. The Door is Uneven – If your garage door is not even on both sides when it closes, it could be due to a variety of issues, such as worn out cables, springs or rollers. An uneven garage door can cause strain on the entire system and lead to more serious problems if not addressed promptly.
  4. The Door Moves Too Slowly or Quickly – If your garage door takes longer than usual to open or close, or moves too quickly, it could be due to a malfunctioning opener. A professional garage door repair technician can determine the cause of the problem and fix it quickly and efficiently.
  5. The Door Doesn’t Stay Open or Closed – Your garage door should stay open or closed when you want it to. If it doesn’t, it could be due to a problem with the safety sensors or opener. This issue can pose a safety hazard and should be addressed immediately.

Don’t ignore these common signs that your garage door needs repair. Regular maintenance and prompt repairs can save you time and money in the long run. If you’re in need of garage door repair in Chester, you can contact the experts at KARLO Garage Doors and Gates.

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