A 3 Step Guide to Buy the Right Washing Machine

Home Appliances / Saturday, June 1st, 2019

A good washing machine can make your laundry washing task much easier. But modern washing machines are quite costly, and you would not want to break the bank to have one. So, you should buy the right washing machine so that you can have the clean and worry-free laundry for the years to come. Following are the points to consider before your next purchase.

A 3 Step Guide to Buy the Right Washing Machine

  1. Top-Load vs. Front-Load

The first decision you need to make is choosing between top-load and front-load washing machines. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Top-load machines are usually cheaper than front-load. Top-load washing machines may or may not come with an agitator. The agitator reduces tangling of clothes. Furthermore. Top-load machines spin faster and tend to clean the clothes quickly.

On the other hand, front-load machines are costlier but are gentler for clothes and use less water. They take longer than top-loaders, but some front-loaders with faster spin can reduce dryer time.

  1. Size

Once you have decided between the top-loader and front-loader, it is the time to choose the right size for the machine. The size of machines is measured in cubic feet. Do not be tempted to buy the bigger machine. Instead, carefully calculate your requirement and choose the size of the machine according to this.

  1. Features

Modern washing machines offer an array of features. Many machines offer automatic dispensers for the detergent and fabric softeners. In fact, they can hold the detergent and fabric softener for weeks. They offer customized settings for the washing process and you can program the machine to suit your needs. Nowadays, many machines can be connected to your phone via an app. You can remotely monitor the working of the washing machine. In case of any problem, you can perform the diagnostics or even contact the machine manufacturer for help.